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Overlanding News Reel – Volume 3

This is a weekly news round-up of the going on in the overlanding world as of today. As well as inspiration from other sources that could be useful for your everyday overlander. I hope to publish this once a week on every Sunday morning for you to enjoy with a fresh cup of coffee.

Volume Three.


We can become so focused on gear sometimes and I believe it’s for a couple main reasons. First and foremost the possibility that exists in a new piece of gear, clothing, or vehicle. We see ourselves using that shiny new piece of gear on some extreme expedition somewhere. The other thing is that gear makes us feel comfortable, that shiny new tool won’t break when we least expect it to. That new stove will be so much easier to use and make cooking so much easier. With the focus so strongly on gear we can loose sight of the main goal and that’s to get out there.

Outside’s list of the best car camping gear for $25 or less.

Tepui Kukenam rooftop tent first impressions.


The backup guy.

Always good to know Map and Compass Skills

And the follow up article.

Pack it up, pack it in. A packing report.