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A long search is over.

I have been keeping an eye out for a used pop top for my Vanagon almost since I bought my van. One showed up at my local junkyard and I was able to pull it with the help of a friend. I had no idea it was going to be that heavy, it’s fiberglass.

It’s in okay condition but I’ve taken on a bit of a project to fix up and install this in my old tin top Vanagon.

I did a thing.

landy1 landy2

Introducing my new to me 1998 Land Rover Discovery One. It’s old, leaky, problematic, and I love it. I picked it up a couple weeks ago and have been working to get it road worthy. I think it will make a nice addition to the car family.

The problems are as follows:

  • Loud squeaky noise from rear drivers side wheel well.
  • Seven check engine lights.
  • Leaky motor.
  • Leaks windshield washer fluid whenever you fill it past a certain point.
  • Mirror was an auto-dimmer that broke and leaked fluid to the mirror portion.
  • High pitched squeak coming from drivers side front wheel well, that couldn’t be heard until after fixing the problem in the rear.
  • Rear windows didn’t work.
  • Front windshield is cracked.


Here’s what I’ve fixed:

Rear windows have a common fault on the Discovery I window control board, where one of the circuits becomes de-soldered and looses the connection. This was a relatively easy fix after figuring out what caused the issue.

Rear wheel noise was fixed just by replacing the pads, there wasn’t any material left on the brake pads, and now it’s whisper quiet.

After routine maintenance I’m down to one check engine light, for an O2 sensor.